How to Make Your Own Custom Etched Beer Glasses and Beer Mugs

All you home brewers out there are going to love this! We have a simple way for you to make your own custom etched beer glasses, beer mugs and much more!

Today we finished making our custom Brew PS logo etched beer mugs to use for all of our beer reviews. It was extremely simple to do and the mugs looks great, and the most important thing, it doesn’t cost much to do!

  1. First you will need to come up with a design or logo that you would like to have etched into your beer glass. If you have a digital design, you can have it custom cut out of a vinyl sticker material. You will just need to have the reverse of your logo or design pulled out from the vinyl sticker, and make sure to leave about .5″ on each side to make sure that when you apply the etching cream later that it doesn’t run off the desired area.

  3. Next get yourself some plain glass mugs, pint glasses, or whatever style glass that you might like to etch (just make sure they smooth surfaces). You will also need to pick up some etching cream, and a small soft paint brush.

  5. Apply your vinyl sticker decal to the beer glass and make sure that you have it pressed down well on all the corners so that the etching acid doesn’t seep under any areas.

  7. Apply the etching cream to the exposed logo with a small, soft tipped paintbrush. I let this sit for a minute, then brush the cream around a little more to make sure you get all the areas really well, and let it sit for another minute or 2.

  9. Rinse off the etching cream in the sink with running water and a sponge. Peal back your vinyl decal, you have yourself a professional looking etched beer glass!

For our vinyl decals, we had them made at a local sticker company in Simi Valley, CA called Stuck Up Prints. They have great prices and do excellent work!

On a side note, if you do not have artwork

to have vinyl stickers made, you can always put a wide piece of masking tape over your glass, and cut your your design by hand using an X-ACTO blade. Make sure you do not cut too hard with the blade, as you might scratch your glass. Your cut lines may not be as clean as having a machine cut your vinyl stickers, but you can still come up with some pretty cool designs on the fly.

All in all this project cost us under $30 to buy a pack of 6 plain glass beer mugs, the etching cream, small paint brush, and to have a few vinyl stickers made up. And we have a ton of etching cream left over for future use.

If you would like to create your own custom beer glasses or mugs we would highly recommend trying this out before spending money at an expensive engraving store.

This method saved us a a lot of money and we now have our official beer review tasting mugs!




2 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Custom Etched Beer Glasses and Beer Mugs”

  1. This is so great! I wanted to make my dad a personalized pint glass as a late father’s day gift, but my brother also brews his own beer and would love to know about this! thanks!!

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