Home Brewing: Brewcraft Oak Barrel Imperial IPA – Part 2

After 2 weeks in the primary and another 2 weeks in the secondary with the oak stave in the secondary for the last 7 days, we kegged the Oak Barrel Imperial IPA and gave it a taste a couple days later.

This beer is everything that we were hoping it would be. A lot of you might be hesitant to spend almost $60 on an ingredient kit, but this one is worth it!

A perfect golden color that you would expect to see from an IPA. The clarity is nearly crystal clear after fermenting for about 1 month. This beer almost appears to be filtered its so clear, but isn’t.

Hops and Citrus flavors the main aroma characteristics you get when smelling this beer. We can’t keep our noses out of our glasses! The hop aroma is so fresh, and give off hints grapefruit. The aroma of this beer is exactly what we like to smell from a good Imperial IPA!

Taste / Flavors:
A very drinkable IPA! Some IPA’s you might find to be too overwhelming leaving you only wanting 1 pint. This Imperial IPA uses a large amount of hops, yet you and your friends will be very impressed with the complexity and fullness of flavor in this roundhouse of a beer. The oak stave helps to add to the flavor complexity. You will notice flavors that in this beer that you may have never tasted before. This beer has extremely smooth, clean and crisp flavors. You also a great amount of bitterness from all the hops, and the citrus (grapefruit) notes that come through make you want to keep going back from more.

If you’re a fan of IPA’s and want to brew something a little different and enjoy a high alcohol beer, this one is for you. It’s a fun kit to brew because there are so many ingredients that go into it. All the different hops, and the amount of hops that go in will amaze you!

If you are someone who is not a huge fan of IPA’s I would encourage you to give this one a shot. Yes it has a good amount of bitterness, but it has some unique flavors and characteristics that may just start to change your mind on IPA’s. And it is extremely drinkable for an IPA.

Overall, this is aVERY good beer and impressive kit. Nothing is lacking, in this kit! There are 4 different types of hops that the kit comes with. Our favorite part of brewing this batch was opening all different hops and smelling them next to one and other and noticing all the differences. We highly recommend this kit to any home brewer!

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One thought on “Home Brewing: Brewcraft Oak Barrel Imperial IPA – Part 2”

  1. Would it be possible to do this kit using only the primary fermenter and no transferring to the secondary fermenter?

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