Home Brewing: Brewcraft Belgian Wit Beer – Part 1

Today we got to brew the Brewcraft Belgian Wit Beer Ingredient kit! This kit was very fun to brew with all the unique ingredients that go into it. Getting to smell Coriander Seeds, Paradise Seed, and orange peel before throwing them into the wort was great. When drinking Belgian Wit Beers you often smell these spices and aromas, but might not be familiar with what gives the beer these flavors. After being able to handle and smell some of these unique spices first hand, it was great and really gives you a better insight into the unique flavors of Belgian Ales.

If you are a fan of Belgian Wit Beers, we would highly recomend that you brew this kit. For the price, and what you get in this kit, it is (in our opinion) one of the best valued kits that we sell. You get to make 5 gallons of really good quality Belgian ale for under $40!!!

Coriander Seeds (left), Dried Orange Peel (right)

Belgian Whit Beer Description:
This Belgian beer style which was extinct has been resurrected in the US and in Belgium, and now enjoys huge popularity throughout the world. Classically very pale in color, hazy to the point of being nearly opaque from protein, yeast and even some unconverted starch, this is a unique beer style. Unmalted wheat and judicious use of bitter orange peel, coriander and other spices such as peppercorns, grains of paradise and even juniper berries give this beer it’s amazing flavor and aroma. Belgian Wit goes by many names, all variations of the term “White Beer”. In French it is called “Biere Blance”, while the Flemish name is Wit or Witbier. Wit is a light, refreshing traditional beer style that became extinct with the closing of the last Wit bier brewery in Belgium in the 1950’s, only to be resurrected by Pierre Celis, first in Belgium then later in Texas. Belgian Wit brewers use un-malted and malted wheat which produce a beer with light to medium body, flavours of spice, champagne-like yeast and wheat, and a zesty orange-fruity finish. It has a clean crisp profile, low hop bitterness and high carbonation with a large white head. Wit is hazy due to the proteins from the wheat, and from suspended yeast. An excellent choice for a warm summer evening, or to accompany Sunday Brunch.

The Kit Includes:
Brewing Ingredients
Grain Steeping Bag
Hop Steeping Bags
Priming Sugar
Crown Caps
Brewing Instruction Sheet
Bottling Instructions

Briess CBW Pilsen Light Dry Malt Extract
Specialty Grains: Pale

2-row Malt
Un-malted White Wheat
Pre-gelatinized Rolled Oats
Acidulated Malt
Bittering Hops: Czech Saaz Pellet Hops
Special Ingredients: Brewer’s Garden Bitter Orange Peel
Brewer’s Garden Coriander Seed
Brewer’s Garden Paradise Seed
1 packet yeast


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