How to Make Soda Water at Home – Home Made Sparkling Water

I love sparkling water, I just don’t like spending $1-2 per bottle at the grocery store for this stuff when all it really is, is water and CO2.  Why pay premium prices at the grocery store for it when you can make it yourself at home for a fraction of the cost, and even infuse your own natural flavors in it!

What you need to make Sparkling Water aka Soda Water:

  1. CO2 Tank
  2. CO2 Regulator
  3. 3′ of Gas Hose
  4. Ball Lock disc
  5. Soda Bottle Adapter – Ball Lock Fitting
  6. 2 Worm Clamps or Oetiker Clamps (to attach the gas hose to your soda bottle adapter and disconnect)

If you do not have any of these parts, you can buy per-assembled Soda Carbonating Kits that include everything that you need.

How to Make Soda Water:

Once you have everything you need, all you have to do is fill a standard 2 liter soda bottle with cold liquid (water home made soda, water, flavored water etc.), leaving a little room on the top (couple of inches is fine).  Then put on Carbonator cap, squeeze out excess air and turn on the CO2. Keep pressure around 30 PSI and shake bottle for 1 minute. This will carbonate your beverage!  The key is getting the beverage very cold before carbonating.

This will work for carbonating your homemade soda, sparkling water, mineral water, flavored water, etc.!   We like infusing different flavors into our sparkling water.  It is extremely refreshing for hot summer days!

How Much Soda Water Will this Make?

On average, you will get about 45 carbonated liters from a 20 oz CO2 bottle!  A  standard 20 oz CO2 Tank can be filled anywhere they fill paint ball co2 tanks, which are very easy to find.  And CO2 is cheap!

This is a great way to make your own sparkling water for dinner parties, and have fun experimenting with different flavors in the water!

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