Keg Outlet Coupon Codes –

As a promotion for the launch of their new website, has released an exclusive coupon code for 5% OFF your entire order, good for the whole 2012 year!!

The coupon code is: 5OFFKEG12

/>Keg Outlet is your one stop shop for home kegging supplies. Keg Outlet specializes in home kegging equipment and keg supplies for homebrew, as well as commercial keg taps, parts and accessories. They have a wide variety of keg starter kits from basic kits with easy to use party taps, to refrigerator conversion kits! Start enjoying to great taste of draught beer from the comfort of your own home and start kegging your home brewed beer today!

Whether your are a home brewer, Restaurant or Bar, chances are they have got what you are looking for! We carry a wide variety of Keg kits (both commercial and homebrew styles). Home brewers looking to get started pouring draft beer at home, we got you covered with our all inclusive Basic Keg Kits! Brewers looking for more of that restaurant/Bar feel, we got you covered too, with our multi-tap beer towers and refrigerator conversion keg kits. These kits will allow you to have up to 6 different beers on tap!


Need some extra Cornelius Kegs?

KegOutlet carries both new and used Ball Lock Kegs and Pin Lock Kegs for all you home brewers!


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