Home Brewing: Brewcraft Dry Hopped West Coast IPA Review – Part 1

Today we brewed Brewcraft USA’s Dry Hopped West Coast IPA homebrew recipe kit. We have been looking forward to brewing this kit for a long time. This kit is well put together and comes with everything that you need to get 5 gallons of good home made IPA! One reason this kit attracted us was because of the variety of hops used. This kit uses 4 different hops (5 oz of hops total)! This kit is different than a lot of other kits because of how the hops are added to the wort. Instead of adding 1 type of hop at a time, you open all 5 packets of hops, mix them together, then add 1-2 oz of the hop mixture to the wort at different times throughout the boil. Then save 1oz of the hop mixture to dry hop with in your secondary fermenter.

Also this kit makes you a 7.3% ABV IPA, can’t complain about that!

Dry Hopped West Coast IPA Description:
Our IPA has a LOT of hops- not just a higher level of bitterness than a standard pale ale, but much more hop flavor and aroma due to multiple hop additions in this beer including the advanced procedure of “dry-hopping”. Grapefruit/citrus along with slight tropical fruit and pine aromatics will make your mouth water well before you take your first sip. Thanks to the persistence of West Coast brewers using more and more hops in their beers, craft beer drinkers have adapted their tastes to appreciate and demand hops at higher levels than ever before in the history of beer. This now-classic American style of beer is famous throughout the world, and the “flagship” style for many brew pubs and breweries.

The Kit Includes:
Brewing Ingredients
Grain Steeping Bag
Hop Steeping Bags
Priming Sugar
Crown Caps
Brewing Instruction Sheet
Bottling Instructions

Briess CBW Pilsen Light Dry Malt Extract
Brewers Crystals
Specialty Grains: 40L Crystal Malt
Hops: Columbus Pellet Hops, Simcoe Pellet Hops, Centennial Pellet Hops, Cascade Pellet Hops, Amarillo Pellet Hops
Yeast: 1 packet Safale US-05 yeast


Stay tuned for the final tasting and review!

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